Sunday, June 12, 2022

Template Studio for WinUI

For creation of new WPF, WinUI3 and UWP applications you can now use Template Studio - it is a new suite of Visual Studio 2022 extensions.

You can now install Template Studio extension and use Template Studio for creation of WPF, WinUI3 and UWP applications. First you select project type as one of the following: Blank, MenuBar (with menu added) and NavigationBar.

MVVM Toolkit is applied now in the application by the default, template creates Views/ViewModels (that's a great idea I believe to have MVVM by default):

Then you can initialize your content to Blank, WebView2, Settings, DataGrid, etc.

On the last step of the wizard, you can add theming and select between packaged/unpackaged app:

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