Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review of "Instant IntroJs" book written by Ehsan Arasteh and Afshin Mehrabani

The book "Instant IntroJs" (http://bit.ly/J9vr7n) recently published by Packt is designed as a quick introduction to IntroJs which is a library targeted to make your website successful and to help you show its recently added features to users. IntroJs is based on JavaScript and CSS. It is a free library with MIT license.
In their book Ehsan Arasteh and Afshin Mehrabani wrote in detail about requirements for IntroJs usage and the way to download and configure the library. They provide step-by-step guide to creating introduction page using IntroJs.
IntroJs API is described briefly by authors. To get maximum from IntroJs you can use it together with other frameworks. The library also can be localized and used in both left to right and right to left versions.
"Instant IntroJs" will help everybody make his or her website attractive for users with minimal efforts.

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