Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some MFC updates in Visual Studio 2013

As you all probably know Visual Studio 2013 was officially launched last week. Even old plain MFC get a little bit updated.

Now if (for some reason) you will try to switch Character Set to "Use Multi-Byte Character Set" you will receive the following error:

Error    1    error MSB8031: Building an MFC project for a non-Unicode character set is deprecated. You must change the project property to Unicode or download an additional library. See for more information.  

So it is still possible to use Multi-Byte but with additional library. In default configuration you can only use Unicode. Well, this is probably reasonable.

Here is the look of MFC application being created by Visual Studio by default:

Also, this is applicable not only to C++/MFC, but still: Peek Definition seems to be the great feature!

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