Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inno Setup, Part 1. Introduction.

For almost each software product we need to create an installer at some stage of development. For Windows platform there is a great solution which we are using in our own products. It is Inno Setup, a free installer which supports all versions of Windows. We believe it is even better than its commercial analogues.

Also you can use a good visual editor for Inno Setup scripts - ISTool:

We are not using it currently but it can be still helpful for you.

Inno Setup supports the majority of things you need while creating installers and the aim of this series of articles is to describe how to do some common things with Inno Setup. As far as we have made many installers using Inno Setup, we’ve figured out some typical problems and their solutions. Now we want to share them with you and provide some pieces of code which can be helpful when you will be solving some similar problems. These things will include: creating configuration files during installation, checking .NET Framework versions before installation, creating custom windows for installation wizard and many others.

Our aim is NOT rewriting of Inno Setup documentation which is enough detailed for you to understand how to do basic tasks like copying files to appropriate folders while installation.

Our samples will be taken from real projects and are 100% working.

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